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Mandolins, Balalaikas, Ukuleles and other lesser known music of British Columbia's Lower Mainland

Hosted by The Lower Mainland Mandolin Society

Last updated July 31, 2018

mandolins at st patricks day





We have combined forces with a group of Ukulele players and singers. We are working on a new look! The above picture was taken on St. Patrick's Day at Killarney Centre.

Welcome new visitors! Check out reports of our recent activities on Melodious Mandolins page and our Photo Album.

Mandolin lessons available. E-mail us to arrange.

Time to dust off that old mandolin sitting in the closet!We need more mandolin players and also guitar players who enjoy entertaining seniors on a volunteer basis. Call us at 604-202-4191 for an audition.


About the Lower Mainland Mandolin Society

Registered in 1996, our aim is two-fold:

1) to ensure the continuance of the art of mandolin playing

2) to bring music to the community, particularly those confined to care facilities

Our orchestra, the Melodious Mandolins, would love to perform for you.

The Lower Mainland Mandolin Society supports other musical groups. Most of us are members of the Classical Mandolin Society of America.

Click on the links below to learn more about our orchestra, other groups, and friends:

Our orchestra, Melodious Mandolins

Slava Alexandrov, Balalaika     

Russian Community Centre Balalaika Orchestra

Concordia Choir

Ming Huang, guitarist

Joystrings Harpeggio Ensemble

Classical Mandolin Society of America

Seattle Mandolin Orchestra

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